10 Vancouver-based foodies to follow in 2020

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September 25, 2020

It’s officially time to cancel “I don’t know” as an appropriate answer to “where do you want to eat?” With tons of new local hot spots, places to order-in, and elegant fine dining, it’s no surprise that Vancouver has some incredible foodies. 

And honestly, there’s no shame in spending your time at home drooling over photos of the perfect cheese-pull on a massive slice of pizza, or the jelly oozing out of a donut. There’s really no judgment here. 


Roanna is a food blogger based in the Fraser Valley, and writes about her experiences in local restaurants, as well as reviews of locations across BC. She recently visited wine country Osoyoos, and wrote a stunning review about Nk’ Mip — North America’s first Aboriginal owned & operated winery. 


It comes at no surprise that Emma is one of Vancouver’s most well-known foodies on Instagram. The combination of her bright, fun, and out-going personality alongside her incredible taste in food has landed her partnerships with massive brands like McDonald’s and Reese’s. 


While most food critics and bloggers sometimes write negative reviews, Bethany prides herself on only spreading love and positivity on incredible food that she tastes. Her motto is “if she posts it, then she recommends it”. And, we can definitely see why. 


Bonnie and Bonyo, otherwise known as the “Lee sisters”, are an adorable foodie duo that finds happiness in exploring different cuisines, and dining together. What stands out the most on their feed is their incredible food photography skills — everything (and we mean everything) is worth drooling over. 


Alana is a Vancouver food blogger that’s partnered with several local businesses. More recently, she helped create buzz for White Spot’s limited edition Impossible Burger, and was even featured on Global News this summer to speak about the best ice cream trends. 


Nerissa and Caleb are experts in food photography. Their bright, aesthetically-pleasing feed is filled with sushi, bubble tea, ramen, sweet toast, Korean BBQ — the list goes on. 


Brenda launched the journey of her food instagram in May 2016, with the purpose of highlighting her favourite international food and cuisines, to share and bring happiness to others. Her content goes into great detail about her dining experiences and the food she eats, so you know exactly what to expect when you make your visit! 


Peter and Annie are a couple that can agree on at least one thing: their love for food. Not only do they highlight incredible local restaurants in Vancouver, but they also frequently travel to the Bay Area and other parts of the world, where they showcase their favourite spots to chow down. 


If you don’t follow @vancityeats for their incredible photos of mochi muffins and chicken & waffles — you’re going to want to do it for their giveaways. They’ve partnered with amazing local restaurants like Palate Kitchen, Dinesty Dumpling, and Craft Beer Market, so that you have the chance to win your next meal for free. 


Kirby is a food & travel blogger based in Vancouver, and if anyone is an “OG Foodie” — it’s definitely her. She started her blog nine years ago, after realizing that she had a passion for documenting her love for food with the world.  To top it all off, she has a cute corgi named Luigi, who sometimes gets featured in her photos. 

Now that you’ve seen some of the best influencers from Vancouver’s food scene, it’s time to go try some of their recommendations out. And let us know if we missed anyone and we’ll feature them in our next article! 

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