10 Vancouver-based foodies to follow in 2020

Jina Marwood Jina Marwood
September 25, 2020

It’s officially time to cancel “I don’t know” as an appropriate answer to “where do you want to eat?” With tons of new local hot spots, places to order-in, and elegant fine dining, it’s no surprise that Vancouver has some incredible foodies. 

And honestly, there’s no shame in spending your time at home drooling over photos of the perfect cheese-pull on a massive slice of pizza, or the jelly oozing out of a donut. There’s really no judgment here. 


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Delicious dinner at The Bear, The Fish, The Root & The Berry @bearfishrootberry @spiritridgebc. Menu is "modern vineyard cuisine inspired by our Indigenous roots". The inspiration behind the restaurant's name refers to the legend of the Four Food Chiefs: Skimxist (Bear), Ntytikxw (Salmon), Speetlum (BitterRoot), Seeya (Saskatoon Berry) – a chapstick story passed down through the generations of the Syilx People of the Okanagan Indian Band. – Here are the dishes we tried: – LUCKY DUCKY – barbecued breast/celeriac slaw/ warm kale/parsnip gnocchi grilled corn bread /berry wojapi. – WEST COAST DIVER SCALLOPS – seared scallops smoked sodbitie sunchoke chive/fried arugula. – PACIFIC HALIBUT – pan seared halibut chestnut pappardelle pasta / peas/chorizo/ spinach/white onion veloute. – BISON RIBEYE 10 OZ – served with duck fat potato tostones/ WTF mushrooms/hay roasted carrots kale / spruce demi. – SALMON PLATTER (shared) – maple candied salmon /smoked salmon/ beet cured gravlax/capers/assorted pickles/ grainy mustard/crackers. – CH-CH-CH-CH-CH-CH-CHERRY BOMB 9 trio of sorbet (white peach, apricot, cherry) /sour cherry consomme. – I would totally recommend the duck, halibut and scallops! So good! Thank you for having us and for this wonderful meal. . . #osoyoos #osoyoosbc #dinner #seafood #visitsouthokanagan #uncorkthesun #canadaswarmestwelcomeback #summer @osoyoosbc @uncorkthesun @visitsouthokanagan #media . #okanagan #explorebc #tourcanada #southokanagan #tourismokanagan #travelcanada #tourismosoyoos #wunderlust #beautifuldestinations #infatuation #beautifulbc #hellobc #pnw #huffpostbc #travelbc #peachland #yvreats #dishedvancouver

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Roanna is a food blogger based in the Fraser Valley, and writes about her experiences in local restaurants, as well as reviews of locations across BC. She recently visited wine country Osoyoos, and wrote a stunning review about Nk’ Mip — North America’s first Aboriginal owned & operated winery. 


It comes at no surprise that Emma is one of Vancouver’s most well-known foodies on Instagram. The combination of her bright, fun, and out-going personality alongside her incredible taste in food has landed her partnerships with massive brands like McDonald’s and Reese’s. 


While most food critics and bloggers sometimes write negative reviews, Bethany prides herself on only spreading love and positivity on incredible food that she tastes. Her motto is “if she posts it, then she recommends it”. And, we can definitely see why. 


Bonnie and Bonyo, otherwise known as the “Lee sisters”, are an adorable foodie duo that finds happiness in exploring different cuisines, and dining together. What stands out the most on their feed is their incredible food photography skills — everything (and we mean everything) is worth drooling over. 


Alana is a Vancouver food blogger that’s partnered with several local businesses. More recently, she helped create buzz for White Spot’s limited edition Impossible Burger, and was even featured on Global News this summer to speak about the best ice cream trends. 


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🌟 NEW KOREAN EGG SANDWICH SHOP! ⁣ ⁣ If you told me there was a plant shop that sold egg drop-styled sandwiches AND bubble tea, I would’ve called you crazy 🤣. But here we are in 2020 where anything is possible and we shouldn’t be surprised about anything anymore. ⁣ ⁣ Luckful Nest is a small and home-y shop that sells plants 🌱, egg sandwiches, and bubble tea. What pleasantly surprised us were the prices of the food items. The sandwiches were $8.50 each 😊, which was very reasonable compared to some of the higher-priced egg sandwiches at other stores. We ordered the Bomb Bacon Cheese and the American Ham Cheese, both of which were extremely filling and satisfying to eat. The ham was delicious and the bacon strips were chewier rather than crispier which we preferred. The sauce was on the sweeter side which went well with the saltier nature of both sandwiches. ⁣ ⁣ Swipe to see their Peach Flower Fruit Tea – apple, orange and chrysanthemum and their Mango Flower Fruit Tea – jasmine, apple orange drinks that we also ordered. They taste exactly how they sound, its got an unique taste in the sense that it is refreshing and healthy. It’s 100% natural with no additives, and is recommended to be consumed 2 hours after opening. For $5.50 it’s a great deal considering you get this fancy bottle with a bunch of healthy looking things in there such as herbs/flowers. To top it off, the bottle is designed in a way so that you will only get the liquid with each swig, and none of the other things in there. ⁣ ⁣ We will definitely go back and try their bubble tea options 😊! It's convenient for people who live in Richmond vs other popular locations such as Egg Bomb and Miracle Waffle. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 📍@luckfulnest Richmond, BC⁣

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Nerissa and Caleb are experts in food photography. Their bright, aesthetically-pleasing feed is filled with sushi, bubble tea, ramen, sweet toast, Korean BBQ — the list goes on. 


Brenda launched the journey of her food instagram in May 2016, with the purpose of highlighting her favourite international food and cuisines, to share and bring happiness to others. Her content goes into great detail about her dining experiences and the food she eats, so you know exactly what to expect when you make your visit! 


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🔖 BEST KATSU HAS OPENED IN RICHMOND ✨ 📍Katsu San. @katsusan_van . . So glad one of our fav stalls @richmondnightmarket, @teppanbossam has opened a restaurant specializing in Katsu (Pork Cutlet)! Trust us when we say this is the TOP JAPANESE KATSU SPOT IN VANCOUVER we had to date 🥰 – SO DELICIOUS. Everything is made in-house including their bread crumbs to sauces! . 🌟OUR ORDER 🧀Cheese 🐷 Katsu Set (ONLY DINE-IN ATM) BEST CHEESE KATSU we had so far 🙌🏻! The gooey cheese literally melts in your mouth and their house-made bread crumbs was so airy and crispy. They literally use a thick block of mozzarella cheese 🤯 with their deep fried thinly pounded pork. Their pork is cured for 62 hours to fully maximize the taste and the juiciness. Each bite was so tender and flavourful 🤤. Try it with and without the sauce. Their Tonkatsu sauce + black sesame is 💯. . 🍤Ebi Hotate Katsu Set We were really impressed with how delicious their Ebi (Shrimp) Katsu was. The shrimp was so juicy, plump, and flavourful. They use tiger prawn hence the quality was spot on 😉. The scallop was very good quality as well and went well with pink salt & wasabi! . 🍜 Hiyashi Ramen (Cold Ramen) Given the hot weather rn this was a must-order. Wow we weren’t expecting a katsu place to make such refreshing and delicious ramen! It’s honestly perfect for the summer heat. They use a chilled shoyu base which tasted like Korean Naemyeon. Added their CRISPY TONKATSU 🐷 on top and it was just so good. Even soaked in the soup their katsu tasted so good and the breaded crust retained its crispy texture. . ‼️All Katsu sets come with shredded cabbage, rice, Tonjiru (Pork Veggie Miso Soup), Tsukemono (Pickled Side Dishes), Housemade sauces, Himalayan Pink Salt & Wasabi. PS. Their housemade salad sauces are sooo good as well 😉. . 💭TLDR; BOOKMARK THIS PLACE AND VISIT!! Prices are reasonable, quality is legit and very authentic, food is delicious. They have long waits, but we would say it’s worth it!! Oh for those who want to try everything out just get their ASSORTED TONKATSU SET 🥰. . Thank you @katsusan_van for the invite! ❤️ . . -🐼🍽🐼 #pandafoodiecouple #pandafoodiecoupleyvr

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Peter and Annie are a couple that can agree on at least one thing: their love for food. Not only do they highlight incredible local restaurants in Vancouver, but they also frequently travel to the Bay Area and other parts of the world, where they showcase their favourite spots to chow down. 


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🚨GIVEAWAY closed🚨 We’ve partnered with @dinestydumpling to GIVEAWAY 2x$25 Gift cards for two separate winners on this and @MainMenus pages. Check the contest rules below. ⠀ Dinesty is a Chinese restaurant with 5 locations in Greater Vancouver Area (Vancouver, Burnaby and three in Richmond). They have been known to have amazing food, especially dumplings, and great prices. ⠀ This is what @kevinskravings said about them: "Getting their soup dumplings is always a must, but they also have tons of other great dishes as well! One of my favourites were the deep fried screw buns; a perfect way to end off a meal there!" ⠀ Look what we've tried: Pan Fried Garlic Beef Steak Shrimp & Pork Shaomai Wok Fried Spareribs with Salt & Hot Pepper Shredded Pork with Hoi Sin Sauce + Pancake Gongbao Chicken Spicy String Beans with Minced Pork Fried Screw- Buns (with Consensed Milk) ⠀ And it's even more things to try at @dinestydumpling! Thank you so much for having us. We will come back soon to try more menu items. ⠀ CONTEST REQUIREMENTS: 1️⃣ Follow @dinestydumpling and @Vancityeats & @mainmenus 2️⃣ Tag a friend in the comments (unlimited entries but make sure you tag different friends) 3️⃣ Like this photo ⠀ P.S. INCREASE YOUR CHANCES BY EXTRA ENTRY AT @MainMenus. ⠀ — 🎁 Rules to redeem the prize: 🔹 Entrant must be 12+ years of age; The contest will run until Mar 14th. The winner will be announced the next day. ⠀ Good luck! . #vancityeats @lizaonair

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If you don’t follow @vancityeats for their incredible photos of mochi muffins and chicken & waffles — you’re going to want to do it for their giveaways. They’ve partnered with amazing local restaurants like Palate Kitchen, Dinesty Dumpling, and Craft Beer Market, so that you have the chance to win your next meal for free. 


Kirby is a food & travel blogger based in Vancouver, and if anyone is an “OG Foodie” — it’s definitely her. She started her blog nine years ago, after realizing that she had a passion for documenting her love for food with the world.  To top it all off, she has a cute corgi named Luigi, who sometimes gets featured in her photos. 

Now that you’ve seen some of the best influencers from Vancouver’s food scene, it’s time to go try some of their recommendations out. And let us know if we missed anyone and we’ll feature them in our next article! 

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