4 Canadian influencers that are leading the body positivity movement

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August 25, 2020


Let’s face it: we’ve seen enough of highly edited, touched up photos that have been reshaped and smoothed. The narrow standards of beauty have given social media the reputation of a place that transmits unrealistic body standards, beauty ideals, and what constitutes real success. 

These influencers shed a light on the world of self-love, with a common goal to show us that all bodies are beautiful no matter what shape or size.


Karly is an Edmonton-based content creator and entrepreneur, who recently launched a size-inclusive athleisure brand Confidence Club. Alongside all of her incredible accomplishments, she’s also an avid user of TikTok, with over 214,000 followers on the video creation app.


Mina Gerges is an Egyptian model and actor based in Toronto. Using his platform of over 100,000 followers, his goal is to redefine traditional male beauty standards through bold self-expression, gender fluidity, and body positivity. He’s been recognized for his work and activism on Teen Vogue, and has partnered with massive brands, like Sephora and Calvin Klein. 


If you’re looking for uplifting content, Brittnee is your girl. She’s a plus-sized Wilhelmina model and TV personality from Calgary, Alberta, and her lifestyle content ranges from uplifting posts surrounding body positivity, health & wellness tips, and traveling around the world. 


Christine is an ex-varsity soccer player and kinesiology student. A year ago, she spoke out about her experience with a coach telling her to lose weight at age 10, and quickly realized the harmful effects of body image in sports. Now she continues to post content surrounding self-love and body positivity to show others that there’s more to life than society’s unrealistic standards of beauty. 

These influencers have done incredible work using their platforms to have honest discourses surrounding unrealistic beauty standards on social media and in real life. And while #bodypositivity has been hashtagged over 5 million times on Instagram, it’s clear that we still have a ways to go before dismantling a system that only celebrates smaller figures. 

Did we miss someone? Let us know so we can highlight them in our next article! 

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