6 brands that have mastered their influencer marketing game

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August 19, 2020

Influencer marketing has quickly become an established tactic of online & social media marketing, and it isn’t just for small startups who can’t afford traditional advertising fees. Over the past few years, large brands have turned to influencer marketing to reach their target audience, and you can learn a lot by taking a look at what’s worked for them. 


Blog-turned-makeup brand Glossier recently received a net worth of over 1 billion dollars, and it’s all thanks to their incredible marketing strategy based on social networking, influencer marketing, and utilizing consumer data. From their instagrammable packaging and use of branded hashtags, every single detail in their marketing serves a unique purpose. In addition, all of their influencers can curate a list of their favorite products and share it with their social channels, which directs their followers to a unique page on Glossier’s website. 


Athletic apparel brand Gymshark has used popular fitness influencers to promote their clothing line on Instagram and YouTube to build relationships with those that resonate with their brand. When launching, they turned to social media in order to raise awareness and target consumers. The brand contacted a number of fitness influencers sending them free apparel in hopes that they would wear and promote the products on their platforms. They also achieved success through their events — where fans are able to meet their favourite fitness influencers and foster a sense of community. Now, it’s difficult to find a fitness influencer of any size that doesn’t own Gymshark. 

Daniel Wellington

Watch brand Daniel Wellington received over 20,000 mentions by over 7,200 influencers in 2018, making them the winner of the most influencer mentions of any brand on the platform. DW continues to enlist thousands of influencers to promote their brand, by giving out free watches and driving sales through unique codes to distribute to their followers. They encourage their influencers to post by sharing the best content to their 4.9 million followers, using the branded hashtag #DWpickoftheday. 


Direct-to-consumer jewelry brand Mejuri  has leveraged their appeal to the modern woman who doesn’t want to break the bank to buy a pair of gold hoops. They successfully blurred the line between their consumers and being “a part of their team”, with many of their influencers including Mejuri story highlights, the Mejuri handle in their bio, or incorporating their products as a large part of their content strategy. 


The Dyson brand is best known for their vacuum cleaners, so they started using popular dog influencers to launch playful and heart-warming campaigns. Dyson recruits both micro and macro influencers to mobilize the power of smaller but still valuable social media personalities. Their overall goal is to highlight Dyson’s effectiveness in cleaning up after house pets by giving dog owners the creative freedom to write their own unique messaging and come up with entertaining ways to depict their cleaning routines. 


When Bumble first launched, their marketing predominantly focused on their app requiring women to make the first move. Now, it’s found great success by tapping into new verticals and leveraging social media to increase brand loyalty & credibility. Bumble uses micro-influencer marketing to build communities, similar to a social supply chain. They tap into universities across North America by hiring campus directors that have direct communication with regional directors. The campus director recruits brand ambassadors to work under their team, and the entire team is offered incredible perks — from merch, exclusive events, and tons of networking opportunities. 

These companies have seen incredible growth and success using influencer marketing and they didn’t need macro-influencers or celebrities to make it happen. These brands have exploded by understanding that the more relatable they are, the better the results. 

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