7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores. They wanted to build excitement and develop a positive consumer base around the launch of their Crispy Classic Chicken Sandwich.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Build A Positive Consumer Base

7-Eleven was launching their Crispy Classic Chicken Sandwich in Canada and wanted to increase awareness around the time of the launch.

Their campaign goal was to develop a positive consumer base with an interactive and exciting campaign that connects and encourages their audience to enjoy their own Crispy Classic Chicken Sandwich.


Our Process
A Mouthwatering Taste Test

We partnered with 15 influencers located in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. Each of them was tasked with creating two story posts highlighting the delicious taste of the sandwich and encouraging their audience to purchase their own CCC sandwich by using fun and engaging Instagram stickers and participating in trendy challenges.

In their first story post, influencers shared a taste test of the Crispy Classic Chicken sandwich. They highlighted the sandwich’s mouthwatering ingredients and connected their audience to their nearest locations by sharing the 7-Eleven location map or by listing their closest stores. On their last story slide, influencers included a Crave-O-Meter, where their audience was able to select which ingredient they crave the most.

The Campaign
This or That Challenge

A few weeks following their first story post, influencers posted their second story post where they created their own variation of the trending “This or That” challenge. Influencers used 7-Eleven’s custom Crispy Classic Chicken sandwich GIPHY stickers in their story slides, to add a fun and interactive element to each slide. They also used the opportunity to convey key product information and remind their audience where they can pick up their own CCC sandwich.

Overall, the audience was very excited about the launch of the sandwich, with over 240 story replies which indicate further conversation about the CCC sandwich. There were also over 1,560 sticker taps for the campaign tags and mentions, and the Crave-O-Meter and additional polls resulted in over 1,360 responses.