7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores. They were celebrating Slurpee's 50th birthday all across Canada.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Generate Buzz & Increase Awareness

7-Eleven’s Slurpee is an iconic frozen carbonated drink that people have enjoyed for over 50 years. The company wanted to find a way to celebrate this milestone with Canadians.

The campaign goal was to create buzz and raise awareness for Slurpee’s 50th birthday during the two months leading to 7-Eleven day on July 11th. They wanted to create a nostalgic feel to reconnect with the audience that grew up drinking Slurpee’s, as well as to get younger audiences excited about taking part in the celebration.

Our Process
The Slurp Campaign

We partnered with 30 dancers in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, to kickstart a viral dance challenge called “Dance The Slurp”.

Each of the dancers learned a choreographed dance to “The Slurp” remixed track and encouraged their audience to join the Slurpee celebration across the country.

7-Eleven promised to donate $50,000 to the Canadian Food Bank for every 25,000 dance uploads to help make a difference.

The campaign’s engagement was overwhelmingly positive and drew over 22,700+ interactions. The viral retro throwback brought out nostalgic feelings as the audience happily shared their memories of Slurpee’s and their excitement to support the Canadian Food Bank.

The Campaign
Dance The Slurp

The dancers created a 30-second video at their favourite spot in their city to ignite the viral dance challenge. They stopped at their nearest 7-Eleven to pick up their favourite Slurpee, took a sip, and danced The Slurp.

In their captions, they challenged five of their friends to #DanceTheSlurp to amplify the trend and help reach 7-Eleven’s goal. Dancers shared how their audience can join in on the #DanceTheSlurp movement by heading to the link in their bio for an instructional video on how to recreate the moves, and shared where they can download the trending track.

Dancers used their story posts to recap on their selected five friends they challenged to #DanceTheSlurp. While some dancers shared a sneak peek of their video post or showed their followers the choreographed steps so they can join in on the fun and recreate the dance themselves.