Big Rock Brewery is a craft brewery with three locations in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Increase Brand Awareness

Big Rock Brewery’s goal was to increase brand awareness and introduce craft beer lovers to try one of their original three brews, the Traditional Ale.

Big Rock Brewery wanted to connect with local explorers who are curious and like to try new things to link Traditional Ale as an integral and natural part of winter adventures.

Our Process
Connect Craft Beer Lovers

We partnered with a BC-based travel influencer to help showcase Traditional Ale to their local following. The influencer was tasked with creating a photo and story post that focuses on them enjoying the beverage at their favourite winter camping destination.

The Campaign
Cheers to Winter Camping

The influencer created a post at a picturesque location where they enjoyed a Traditional Ale. They used their story post to share the top tips of their adventure and how drinking a Traditional Ale is the perfect way to end off a winter adventure. The influencer used their captions to share the delicious and unique flavour profile of the beverage, as well as their personal endorsement.

A giveaway was hosted on the influencers page, where they were giving fellow craft beer lovers a chance to win a case of Traditional Ale and branded glassware. A CTA to follow Big Rock Brewery and tag their winter hiking buddy, to enter. The contest helped increase followers and drive traffic to Big Rock Brewery’s page, and resulted in over 190+ entries.