Bootlegger is a trusted, Canadian denim destination that was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their mission is to be the place for jeans in Canada where you will find the perfect fit, quality, and value.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Increase Brand Awareness

Bootlegger was celebrating its 50th-anniversary and wanted to increase brand awareness for Bootlegger as the place for jeans.

Their campaign goal was to connect their target audience to Bootlegger products and encourage them to shop online or in-store for their next denim run.

Our Process
Celebrate Bootlegger's 50th Anniversary

We partnered with 7 TikTok and 11 Instagram influencers located throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Influencers were tasked with creating a variety of photos, reels, and TikToks to share and connect their audience to Bootlegger products and encourage them to make their own purchase.



The Campaign
Denim On Denim

The influencers received some of their favourite staple denim pieces from Bootlegger and filmed or shot photographs of some of their favourite current looks and some from the past. Influencers then shared their final videos as a TikTok or a reel, and some as a photo post on Instagram.

They used their captions to share their excitement to promote the unique selection of Bootlegger jeans, celebrate their 50th anniversary, and encourage their audience to check out Bootlegger online or at one of their nearest stores.