Hydrator is a natural electrolyte-rich sport drink formulated by a Vancouver based naturopath. Their goal is to help you refuel and refresh, naturally.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Hydration Nation

The main goal of this ongoing campaign is to increase awareness of the product range and its natural benefits. 

We also focus on helping drive e-commerce sales in the lower mainland and surrounding cities, to help promote contactless shopping.

Our Process

We teamed Hydrator up with local ID influencers who lead active, wellness-centered lifestyles and provide informative tips to their audiences to help them do the same.  

They put the product to the test in the most authentic way possible by taking their Hydrator pouches out on an excursion like a hike, run, or trail. Each of them used Hydrator to refuel at the end of their activity, so they could get a feel for just how effective the beverage was at refueling. 

Next, they shared their review and endorsement of Hydrator with their audience.

The Campaign
Refueling Naturally

They created unique Instagram posts that showed their following how they make the most of Hydrator. They highlighted the benefits of Hydrator’s natural electrolyte drink, from their own perspective while educating their followers about the clean and natural fruit ingredients, and the importance of thoughtful hydration post-workout.

In their story posts, the influencers showcased Hydrator’s variety of delicious flavors and incentivized their followers to join the #SweatDrinkRepeat movement by providing a swipe-up to a discount code.

ID was great to work with and super efficient, which we really appreciate!
Alex Chan - Founder