Moola is a mobile app that allows users to source great deals on gift cards, and store them within their e-wallet for later use.

The Impact
Campaign Goal
Drive App Downloads

The Vancouver based gift-carding company wanted to generate awareness of the app among potential users on the east coast, in order to drive downloads around the time of launch.

Our Process
Highlighting Usability

We partnered Moola with a well-established tech influencer and a lifestyle influencer in the Greater Toronto area, who both had largely local followers. This allowed us to ensure that we were maximizing the organic reach of both influencers.

They were both tasked with showcasing a real-life scenario where they would make use of Moola and highlighting the apps key features, as well as the local businesses available to purchase from, within the app.

The Campaign
Personal Recommendation

The tech influencer created Instagram content around how he used Moola to place an order for contactless delivery from a local restaurant during the quarantine. He showcased the process from the purchase of the gift card, which through Moola offered him a 10% discount, to the receipt of his meal. Guiding his followers through the app features, and including a CTA to download.

Similarly, the lifestyle influencer guided her audience through the purchase of a pair of sneakers. This method resulted in over 4,000 unique visitors to the app download page.