Nana's Bakery is a family-run Eastern European alimentari in the heart of Burnaby, BC. The business is a bakery and mini-market in one, known for delicious, authentic European cuisine and specialty items.

The Impact
Article Page Views
Instagram Impressions
Campaign Goal
Family-Run Bakery

Nana’s goal was to raise awareness of their storefront and offerings among locals to help increase visitors during the business’s shoulder season.

Our Process
Hidden Gem in the Heart of the City

We enrolled one of our Vancouver influencers with a large local following to visit the restaurant and craft a narrative of her experience to share with her followers.



The Campaign
Multi-Channel Exposure

Codi visited the quaint European alimentari for a full dine-in experience of their most popular dishes and to browse the European specialties in the shop.

During her visit, she shared her favorite menu items and store features with her following on Instagram. Afterward she wrote an article, which was published to Daily Hive, describing Nana’s as a hidden gem in the heart of a busy city.

Once the article was live, Codi posted a photo & story to her page sharing her experience with her followers and encouraging them to read the article on Daily Hive Vancouver. By leveraging her audience, we were able to amplify the effect of the article, resulting in a 17% increase in reads than an average food-centered piece.