Capilano Mall hosted the month-long virtual food festival - NOSH Foodie Fest, where viewers could participate in interactive cooking activities, all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Increase Awareness and Attendance

The annual NOSH Foodie Fest turned virtual this year! The campaign goal was to increase awareness and attendance for the month-long event by hosting virtual dinner parties, cooking demos, tutorials, and more on various platforms.

We partnered Capilano with local food influencers to host their ‘Good Eats Cooking Demos’ and their ‘Nosh-Up Virtual Dinner Party’.

Our Process
Bringing The Foodie Fest To You

ID influencer Kirby took over  Capilano Mall’s Instagram and inspired virtual foodie fest viewers to discover new recipes from the Capilano Cookbook live with her every Saturday.

NOSH Foodie Fest’s local merchant partners brought the food to the table, and Kirby brought the fun to Capilano’s IGTV virtual series. Kirby showcased her food expertise in a weekly virtual cooking demo for the whole month of September. Viewers got the chance to explore local food merchants and re-create their signature dishes right in their own homes.

Our Process
Virtual Cheers

ID influencer Emma hosted five virtual dinner parties for the lucky winners of the NOSH Foodie Fest contest, hosted on Dished Vancouver’s Instagram. The contest winners were gifted with three free meal kits (an appetizer, main, and dessert) and with ingredients that came directly from Capilano Mall’s local food merchants.

Winners got the chance to recreate the delicious meals from the Capilano Cookbook and enjoy a virtual dinner party with Emma and the other 10 contest winners. The virtual dinner party was hosted back-to-back, throughout one week for a total of 50 lucky winners.

The Impact
Tasty Experiences

The NOSH Foodie Fest had a mouthwatering month with lots of virtual attendees for both influencer’s virtual segments.

The NOSH Foodie Fest audience was enthusiastic about discovering new recipes from the Capilano Cookbook. Both of the influencers’ story completion rates were exceptionally high, and there were over 2,100 views for the IGTV cooking demo segments.