PayByPhone is a parking mobile app and payment solution that serves over 35 million registered users. It simplifies pay parking and provides users a way to top-up instantly through the app.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Increase Awareness & Drive App Downloads

The campaign goal was to increase awareness and educate drivers about the PayByPhone app key features.

We partnered PayByPhone with local influencers to help drive app downloads and encourage contactless payment for parking across the San Francisco area.

Our Process
Highlighting The Ease of PayByPhone

The influencers were active in photography, parenting, and lifestyle verticals. Each of them created a narrative around a scenario where PayByPhone helped make their day. For example, stopping over at an attraction to photograph it, or topping up the meter remotely while on an outing with children.

In their day-to-day routines, influencers were happy to share how the PayByPhone app helped their parking dilemmas with just a few clicks.

The campaign garnered over 450+ comments with many potential users voicing how this would simplify their parking experiences, and help them avoid getting ticketed.




The Campaign

The influencers created posts during one of their outings in the city and showed their audience where they used the PayByPhone app. In their captions, they shared how using PayByPhone made parking in the city less of a headache, making their day better and worry-free.

They also created story posts breaking down how quick and efficient the payment solution is. Influencers provided step-by-step instructions on how to pay for parking, get alerts, or top-up the meter, all in one app.

Lastly, they added a link in their bios, and their story posts were also linked with a swipe-up to the PayByPhone page to boost app downloads.



The content looked awesome. We were super happy with how everything turned out and the review process was very well laid out so it was easy to navigate.
Zoya Lehrke - Marketing, PayByPhone