Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a professional soccer team based in Vancouver BC. Founded in 2009, they were the 17th team to enter the Western Conference of Major League Soccer.

The Results
The Impact
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Campaign Goal
The Whitecaps Experience

The Whitecaps goal was to showcase a full game-day experience to Metro Vancouver locals while promoting 12% off 2020 Seasons Tickets.

Our Process
Game Day

We arranged for four ID influencers and their plus-ones, to attend a home game and the pregame events while sharing the experience on Instagram with their local followers.

Each influencer also visited the team store and created a customized jersey to wear during their full day of Whitecaps events.

The Campaign
The Best Sporting Atmosphere in Vancouver

Instagram stories were used to share each creator’s unique experience, while swipe-ups drove traffic to the 12% off Seasons Tickets landing page. 

One influencer hosted a contest for a chance to win a pair of 2020 Seasons Tickets to the most fun sporting atmosphere in Vancouver.

All stories were tagged with Whitecaps FC so they could be re-shared on the team’s page and amplify the reach of the content.