Warner Bros. Canada is an entertainment company and global leader in movie, TV show, and video game production.

The Results
The Impact
Campaign Goal
Promote The Movie Premiere

Warner Bros. Canada’s goal was to promote the premiere of the Godzilla vs. Kong movie, hitting theatres on March 31st.

Warner Bros. Canada wanted to excite movie-goers for the anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong movie by encouraging their audience to take part in a scare prank challenge called #DestroytheSilence.

Our Process
#DestroyTheSilence Prank Challenge

We partnered with influencers active in lifestyle, entertainment, and family verticals to help promote the Godzilla vs. Kong premiere to their audiences.

Each influencer was tasked with creating a reel where they performed the #DestroytheSilence prank challenge using the Godzilla and Kong roars to scare friends, family, and even their pets.

The Campaign
Godzilla or Kong?

The influencers shared their pranks as reels and used their intro and caption to provide key information on the prank and partnership. They shared their funny reactions and challenged their followers to do their own #DestroytheSilence prank on someone they know.

Influencers used their captions to encourage their followers to click the link in their bio to download the sounds and remind them to mark their calendars for the premiere on March 31st.

Following their reel posts, influencers shared a story post highlighting important dates, key messaging, mentions, and hashtags to raise awareness about the challenge and the premiere. In their last story slide, they included a repost of their reel to boost viewership for those who might have missed it.