Cross-app communication feature launches between Facebook and Instagram

Staff Writer Staff Writer
September 30, 2020

Earlier today, Facebook announced that it will begin updating users with a new feature that allows Instagram and Facebook Messenger users to chat between the two networks.

They are also additionally rolling out a variety of different Facebook Messenger-inspired functions to the Instagram inbox — such as the ability to change chat colours, emoji reactions, setting messages to disappear, control features, and more. 


This unification comes at no surprise after Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Now, their users will be even less likely to switch to a different network, as one messaging app can reach their contacts across two of the world’s biggest social networks.

And if you’re concerned about your Facebook friends being able to find you on Instagram, they’ve made it easy to turn the feature off through your settings in the new accounts centre that launched yesterday morning. 

Alongside messaging interoperability, Instagram users will also be able to watch videos together, including those from Facebook Watch and more recently, Reels.

Facebook has yet to indicate which countries will be experiencing the update first.

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