How much do influencers charge per post?

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June 25, 2021

How much do influencers charge per post?

Wondering how much influencers charge per post or trying to figure out if influencer marketing is feasible for your business?

The short answer is, even if you’ve only got a $1000 budget to work with, you can still hire an agency like ID to handle things for you and see tangible results.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk basics first. 

What impacts pricing?

There are a lot of variables that can impact how much an influencer charges per post including:

  • The influencer’s reach & engagement rates
  • Your desired outcome for the campaign
  • The platforms you’re targeting
  • What custom media and assets need to be created
  • The length of the campaign and number of posts
  • Overall engagement
  • Usage rights
  • Whether the activation is taking place online or in-person

So, it’s safe to say there’s no one size fits all solution to pricing a campaign and, if you find one, it’s probably not going to achieve the very specific goals your business has. 

Ok, but how much do influencers charge per post?

Even though it’s difficult to say exactly what a campaign might cost, generally speaking, you can expect to pay $100 for a post for every 10,000 followers an influencer has (or 1 cent per follower). 

You can also use tools like this Influencer Marketing Hub calculator to plug in an influencer’s name to get a more detailed estimate.

I  still need help

That’s what ID is here for. 

Because ultimately, figuring out how much an influencer charges per post is a big undertaking, that involves a number of steps that not everyone has time for. 

Whether you’re a small operation or a big multinational, we can help you build an entirely personalized campaign. One that achieves your distinct business goals and fits well within your budget, so you can stop the guesswork and avoid surprise costs.

Contact us today and start your next influencer campaign!

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