How to market real estate on social media

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September 11, 2020

The influence of social media and online marketing has made a huge impact on the real estate market, and there are many practices that real estate companies and agents can incorporate to maximize leads and increase their pool of clients. 

Find a hashtag strategy

While hashtags have the potential to increase engagement, they also help create a larger amount of discovery, which becomes a great avenue for potential customers to find you.

Some high-performing general real estate hashtags are: 

#Realtor #JustListed #Broker #ForSale #HomeSale #NewHome #HouseHunting #DreamHome #Properties #HomeListing

However, if you also want to ensure that you’re targeting potential clients in your area — which means you should include city/location specific hashtags. For example, a real estate agent looking for users in Vancouver could use: 

#VancouverHomes #VancouverListings #VancouverRealtor #VancouverRealEstate

As your posts might vary week to week, we encourage you to switch up your hashtags and see which ones work best for your content.

Provide tips through infographics

One of the most significant advantages of using infographics in online training is that it enhances knowledge retention and recall. Users are far more likely to recall information through visually-appealing charts, images, and other graphic elements than information via text through captions. 

Share your success stories

Marketing is all about giving your customers the information they need to make an informed decision. And in the real estate industry, it’s no different. Take a look at one of our Vancouver-based real estate influencers, Gina. She implements real success stories and testimonials in her feed in a seamless way. 


Leverage new platforms, like TikTok

While TikTok may be seen as an app for teens, it’s largest demographic is actually the young adult crowd, from 18 to 29 years old. 

When using TikTok to market your real estate company, think about how you can speak to millennials and share advice to first-time home buyers. From taking out a mortgage, credit scores, down-payments, and the cost of purchasing a home, you’ll be offering their large audience massive value by sharing your knowledge.

Lastly, put yourselves in the shoes of a home buyer or seller. What kind of information and content would you like to see when you put yourself in their position? Switch up your content to cater to your target consumer and we promise that you’ll start to see positive results.

We are a marketing agency that creates custom campaigns through new media, influencer marketing, events, and press trips. Let us know if we can help you out!

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