How visual marketing makes your brand memorable

Kat Aquino Kat Aquino
November 16, 2020
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Boxed Water Is Better

Visual marketing is more than just photos or logos. A brand becomes memorable because of the feelings and memories we associate with the visuals they use. Much of this visual method happens via social media; consumed rapidly and in great quantities. 75% of marketers have found better results when incorporating visual assets into their digital marketing strategies. 

But here are a few reasons why it is the next step to making your brand stand out and more memorable.

Tell your story faster

Visual content is processed almost instantly when viewed; allowing for faster user interpretation. On average, users only read 20% of the text presented to them. This makes it important to use impactful visuals. If users can look at your visual content easily, you can speak to them with fewer barriers. 

Create memories and evoke feelings

It is a tool that can evoke emotions – whether that be excitement, sadness, happiness, or surprise. These emotions can motivate other behaviors, outside of product purchases, that help your brand grow. This can include sharing about your company or feeling a greater sense of loyalty to your brand. 

Choose what works for you

Many types of assets can work together in a visual marketing campaign – infographics, impactful photographs, influencer-generated content, videos, etc. With such a large variety available, experiment with what works for your brand. Do your best to keep up with new trends, so you can update your tactics as social media platforms evolve. 

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