Instagram has a new affiliate marketing tool & it’s a game changer

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June 22, 2021

Instagrams native affiliate marketing tool

You asked and Instagram finally answered.

New monetization options for creators, including a native affiliate marketing tool, are being rolled out on the platform as we speak.

Full details are still being released, but here’s what we know so far.

Instagram is making direct donations to creators easier

The feature will be a lot like Facebook’s Stars program for Streamers or YouTube’s Super Chat.

People can purchase heart badges and use them to make their comments stand out, while simultaneously making a direct donation to the content creator.

Badges cost $0.99 US for one heart or $4.99 US for three and, for the time being, Instagram will not be taking a cut. So all proceeds go directly to the content creator.

They’re testing out a native affiliate marketing tool

Instagram’s plan is to create a marketplace where creators can discover new products that are for sale within the app, share those products with their followers, and earn commissions for sales that result from their efforts.

Instagrams native affiliate marketing tool
image courtesy of AdWeek

That means brands no longer need to search for influencers to share their products.

They can just connect with the native tool and influencers take the initiative, seamlessly promoting on their behalf.

Brands might even discover new audience segments in the process.

Though we hope brands get some control over who gets to promote their stuff because it would be a little worrying if Instagram let just anyone do it.

More than anything, we’re excited about the potential for tracking ROI on influencer campaigns with this tool.

Instagram is also making it easier for brands to connect their existing product catalogs to the app and streamlining the in-app purchase process, so we’re looking forward to seeing everything in action.

These tools are currently in beta tests

Instagram is trialing these new monetization tools with a select group of creators and brands in the US right now, but you will start to see badges roll out universally in the coming weeks.

They expect the affiliate marketing tool to launch fully by end of the year.

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