Mega, Macro, and Micro Influencers: What’s the difference?

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July 1, 2021

Mega, macro, and micro influencers sitting around a found.

Mega, macro, and micro influencers. What’s is the difference?

Hint: It’s not just about potential reach. 

Every tier of influencer comes with its own benefits and we’re about to break everything down for you, so you can figure out what kind of influencer is best for your next campaign. 

The Influencer Tiers

Influencers are generally broken down into the following categories:

mega, macro, micro influencer tiers
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  • Nano: 1k to 10k followers
  • Micro: 10k to 50k followers
  • Mid-Tier: 50k to 500k followers
  • Macro: 500k to 1 million followers
  • Mega: 1 million + followers

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers (1K to 10k followers) may have the smallest following, but people trust them and they can have a big impact on your brand.

Benefits of nano influencers:

  • Seen as highly credible
  • Will know most, if not all, of their followers on a personal level
  • Can have exceptionally high engagement rates
  • Good for smaller budgets
  • Good at building brand awareness within a community
  • Good for conversion-focused campaigns (people are more likely to take recommendations from people they feel they know)

If you’re looking for reach or to have a broader cultural impact with your campaign, however, you should look elsewhere. 

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers (10k to 50k followers) are the most common tier of influencer and, while their reach may be on the smaller end of the scale, they have an impressive ability to cultivate niche communities with clear interests that your brand can tap into. 

Benefits of micro influencers:

  • Seen as authorities/specialists within their niche
  • Good for smaller  budgets
  • Can have high engagement rates
  • Typically have highly targeted/niche audiences
  • Good for converting warm leads and building brand awareness within targeted communities

Mid-Tier Influencers

Mid-tier influencers (50,000k to 500,000k) have transitioned from having primarily relationship-based followers and they offer that perfect balance between reach and high engagement for campaigns. 

Benefits of mid-tier influencers:

  • Broader reach to a more diverse, but still segmented audience
  • Trendsetters in their communities
  • Still have great engagement rates
  • Are on their way to becoming macro influencers
  • Good for building brand awareness and credibility
  • Good for shifting audience attitudes & beliefs

Macro Influencers

Macro influencers (500k to 1 million followers) are typically people who have built their following online and whose existing digital marketing savvy can help blow up your brand. 

Benefits of macro influencers:

  • Broad reach with an engaged, niched audience
  • Professionals with marketing & brand collab experience
  • Know their audience intimately & how to activate them
  • More accessible than mega influencers
  • More affordable than mega influencers
  • Good at building credibility for brands relevant to their niche
  • Influence over broader cultural identity

Macro influencers are generally working with professional representation, however, so their rates can be more than than the typical $100 per 10,000 rule. 

Mega Influencers

Mega influencers (1 million+ followers) are celebrities — whether they be actors, models, industry leaders, or internet stars — and they are the key to mass brand awareness. 

Benefits of mega influencers:

  • Typically active on multiple platforms
  • Mass reach with a broad & diverse audience
  • Professionals with extensive brand collab experience
  • Offer credibility & perceived exclusivity to a brand
  • Cultural tastemakers & trendsetters

Mega influencers can cost a lot of money though and can be difficult to secure. That’s why you’ll only typically see big brands work with them. They also are under a lot of constant scrutiny, so when you work with a mega influencer, the details of the campaign should be air-tight before you launch. 

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