3 reasons why social commerce works so well with influencer marketing

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June 27, 2021

A phone with instagram insights on it | 3 reasons why social commerce works so well with influencer marketing.

Do you know when you make a purchase from within the social app you’re using, that it’s social commerce?

And that when you integrate a social commerce strategy into your influencer campaign, magic can happen? 

Here are three reasons why.

1. Credible Social Proof

You’re directly attaching your product to real-time, unfiltered reviews from people who are seen as credible or having nothing to gain, in the eyes of your audience. 

The customer doesn’t need to go searching for other review sites because they can get all the information they need, right from the app, from the people they trust. 

2. Fewer Steps for Conversions

The fewer barriers you put in front of a customer to make a purchase, the better. Especially for impulse buys. 

The ability social commerce gives you to make in-app purchases removes a ton of steps from the traditional online shopping process. As well as the kinds of distractions that can derail a sale when people have to navigate to a separate site. 

3. Simplified Campaign ROI Tracking

Understanding how your campaign has performed in terms of real revenue, especially when that campaign uses a number of different influencers, can be tricky. 

With social commerce you can put separate affiliate links in place for each influencer you work with, allowing you to track who made conversions with ease. 

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