The best memes of 2020

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September 23, 2020
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2020 has been a weird year. Most of us spent the majority of our time at home, which means less time to be productive and more time to spend on the internet. That’s why it was easy to pick this year’s most viral and iconic memes, from now since January. 

Bernie Sanders

While the real video launched in late 2019, presidential candidate (at the time) Bernie Sanders posted a video on Twitter, asking people to donate to his campaign. The simple line “I am once again asking for your financial support” seemed to heavily resonate with everyone on the internet who’s ever needed something from someone.

World War III

The US attack of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani sparked an existential crisis on users across the internet, which led to the unverified information of the beginning of a Third World War. 

Zoom Memes

Nothing says 2020 quite like a zoom meme. If there was an award for most video calls in one year, I think we can all agree that this one takes the cake. 

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing swept over the internet when people realized they’d have nothing better to do than to build, collect, harvest, and sell their soul to a raccoon on a Nintendo game. 

Tiger King

When the Tiger King documentary hit Netflix, the animal park owner running for president and launching a career in country music became quality material for new memes. Throw in Carole Baskin’s questionable motives behind potentially having fed her husband to tigers, and the internet has a field day. 

Bong Joon Ho at the Oscars

Parasite director Bong Joon Ho let loose after his movie won 4 Oscars, and one of his iconic moments of the night was making two of his statues kiss. He promised in his speech that he “will drink until next morning”, and it looks like he did. Relatable. 

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