What are influencer marketing events? Everything you need to know.

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June 15, 2020

What is influencer event marketing?

Influencer marketing events are designed to create buzz & awareness through exclusive events that connect your business and influencers together. This concept was created to build a relationship between brands and consumers as the consumer recognizes the brand’s role in creating a meaningful experience for them and their audience.   

While influencers have only been around for a few years, influencer marketing has quickly become a standard expansion of brand marketing and a reliable content distribution model for businesses and brands alike.

The benefits of influencer event marketing

There are multiple benefits to hosting an event catered to your customers. These benefits become even more advantageous when leveraging influencers that share the same target audience as your brand.  

  1. Boosts consumer turnout
  2. Diverse audience reach and wide promotion
  3. Prevents ad blockers
  4. Tighter engagement
  5. Strong, confident personalities
  6. Live videos & updates
  7. Outreach to multiple accounts and channels
  8. Measurable KPIs
  9. Those unable to attend can still participate

Tips for running a successful event

  • Set expectations and content suggestions for your attendees prior to the event. Whether they’re writing blogs, live-streaming videos, posting photos or promoting your brand or product through a podcast, it’s imperative to set a standard so that they understand what is expected of them prior, during, and after the day of the event. 

  • Don’t forget about micro-influencers. Many brands are turning to users with a lower following to appear at events due to the importance of engagement. A user’s engagement rate is a far more crucial metric than the number of followers they have — and it’s apparent that micro-influencers tend to have a more invested following. 

  • Use your attendees for pre-event marketing.  When launching and planning the event, include discussing ways to promote the event with your influencers as one of the steps during marketing planning. A common and great initiative is to create a unique hashtag to track engagement to incentivize participation and reinforces user-generated content that is housed in one common social space. 

  • Ensure that your event offers special deals for your guests.  Whether it’s holding contests, offering a coupon code for a product discount, or giving away samples, ensure each guest walks away with something after the event is over to help convert your new lead.  Another way to drive sales is by providing your guests with the opportunity to buy products onsite or offer them a discount code to shop more online if applicable.

  • Two words: Photo ops. If the event was a successful one, your guests might feel naturally inclined to share content even after the event has ended, and even if they’re not contractually obligated to do so. A way to ensure this occurs is by creating photo opportunities, or more commonly labeled as photo ops. Whether that’s setting a backdrop, or hiring a photo booth, there are many ways to create Instagram-worthy moments during your event for any budget.

Seeing a compelling story behind your brand is a key part of a businesses’ digital marketing strategy, and it’s no doubt that influencers know how to deliver. Your event can provide influencers with the opportunity to advertise your business in unique ways that resonate with their audience and a chance to experience your brand firsthand. 

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