What to consider before endorsing a brand

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July 14, 2020
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Endorsements have become a large part of marketing strategies for many brands across the world.

Instagram is a large platform where we see familiar faces alongside products, and experiences that are aimed to drive purchases. Travel and lifestyle blogger, Christina Galbato shared that she charges a rate of $2.2K for each image posted in-feed and $700 for each story. And to date, approximately 28% of Nike’s yearly marketing budget goes towards famous athletes to endorse their products. 

Endorsements are always public and have the power to be extremely impactful, whether the impact made is good or bad. That’s why it’s important to consider the following before deciding to partner with a product or brand. 

Goal alignment

It’s crucial that the brand you choose to partner with understands your value and contributions to their business — no matter how large or small the campaign. A brand worth collaborating with will always ensure that your goals are aligned with theirs. It’s also just as important that both parties agree and understand the desired outcome from the partnership; offering you added value, too. 


Don’t agree just to collect the money. As enticing as the numbers might be, many influencers come under fire when they don’t do a background check on the company they’re agreeing to work with. If you pride yourself on being eco-friendly, does the brand you’re working with actually exhibit sustainable practices in their marketing and or production? If your content circulates around fitness & health, are you ensuring that the brand’s product reflects your principles?  

Ensuring that your values align with the company that you’re working with is a necessary step before signing a contract, so that the sponsored content you’re displaying to your followers is an authentic and reliable review. If you wouldn’t use the product or service yourself, don’t try to sell it to your followers. 

Exclusivity obligations

Make sure you understand how much the agreement will influence your day-to-day content. Will you be allowed to be seen publicly with or using a competing brand’s product? If you’re already partnering with a brand that sells similar products, confirm that the agreement does not conflict with any other endorsements or partnerships you may already have.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have any questions or concerns. Always ask for a contract outlining both sides of the agreement, and address anything that needs clarification. If you don’t have experience with the brand, ask to experience the service or for samples of the product; to guarantee your appraisal is legitimate.

Agreeing to partner with a brand in any capacity should require careful consideration because as great as an endorsement can be, a bad one can be equally hurtful to you and to your audience.

Once you have these principles in place, there are a lot of benefits in collaborating with a brand that makes sense for you. 

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