Why social media and employee advocacy impact your brand

Kat Aquino Kat Aquino
November 5, 2020

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It’s a fair assumption that a company’s employees are its most valuable assets. Employees are trusted more than company CEOs and have 10 times more followers and connections than even the company itself. 

Employee advocacy is the endorsement of a company by its employees. Essentially, the people making up your company are the ones advocating for it – sharing product launches, talking about company and workplace culture, and promoting brand knowledge are all ways your employees can generate sales, interest, and brand loyalty.

Employee advocacy can affect companies in these three ways:

  1. Generates growth and sales because of heightened brand awareness and positive brand recognition
  2. Positively impacts human capital, including recruitment, retention, engagement, and employee satisfaction
  3. Influences organizations’ reputations and public brand perception

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Sportswear brand, Reebok, developed a social media initiative around  #FitAssCompany – a hashtag for employees to show how they use Reebok products in their everyday lives. Not only did employees talk about products, they posted about the positive work environment which eventually heightened brand perception.

With workplace social media sharing becoming the norm, everything your employees say about your company online is a reflection of your brand. Here are some ways to get online conversation around your company started.

Create a positive work culture

For your employees to share authentic and engaging positive experiences, they need to love and care about the overall organization. By fostering an environment that your employees love to work in, it becomes easier for them to want to talk about their experiences at your company.

Develop relevant resources for your employees to share

Make it easy for them to raise awareness about your company by producing relevant and high-quality assets, like graphics and videos. By developing resources your employees want to use, sharing about your company becomes easier. Having to create from scratch or feeling stuck on what to post won’t stop them from putting up info about your company, this helps you contribute to the narrative in a positive way. 

Recognize their efforts

Employees who regularly share about your company on their social channels can be recognized for their efforts in a simple social media repost or internal newsletter shoutout. This appreciation can generate excitement about your brand for all your employees.

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Paul Hanaoka

With social media making story circulation easier, employees hold a lot of power over companies’ reputation. Having employees that are excited to share their stories and experiences about your organization can help you run a successful, reputable company.

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